Logistics Solution

RuggedMobi M68 Rugged Mobile Computer gives you access to real-time information about deliveries and enables you to efficiently communicate with drivers to address new customer requests or changes.

Mobile technology equips your drivers to more effectively interact with customers and respond to their requests, process orders, and accept payments in the field, with a positive impact on order accuracy, delivery time, and sales.

-Pickup & Delivery-

To thrive in the competitive distribution market, workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction is critical. Today's customers are much more demanding; they want proactive notification and transparency to every part of your service.  Losing a key customer is easy, but improving customer satisfaction is hard. 

With M68 rugged mobile computertransport personnel can pickup and deliver packages with gloves in scorching outdoors, frigid winter, drippy or dusty environments. Staffs can process cargoes accurately; classify and verify them by scanning, 3D biometric signature and GPS function; tracking continuously to ensure that errors are reduced and customer satisfaction is met.

M68 rugged handheld device ensures the visibility and trace-ability for both side so that customers and delivery personnel can communicate better. 3D biometric signature capability reduces the lost or damage of paperwork that can leads to invalid situation.

-Fleet Management-

Given today's high fuel costs, it is crucial to develop an optimal fleet transportation plan that minimizes costs while maximizing asset utilization. Fleet management program from RuggedMobi helps maintenance workers, security personnel, and transportation service providers to effectively manage the strategic aspects of a complex network on railways, ships, buses, cars, taxis and more

RuggedMobi M68 Rugged Android PDA helps you to increase labor productivity and decrease equipment costs; reduce repair and maintenance costsEliminate shipment delays due to administrative errors; Increase delivery speed with route optimization and provides a reliable distribution network.

Ruggedmobi's fleet management solution will enhance your service with visibility, collaboration and synchronization across all networks.

-Warehouse Management-

    Whether it is the storage of the pharmaceutical industry, the logistics distribution center or the warehouse of the retail industry, it is necessary to maintain a state in which all product, personnel and process can be viewed continuously. 

Stable mobile communication allows employees to communicate, access to database and handle orders seamlessly. M68 rugged handheld computer also removes manual periodic inventory process and the mobility provides employees a more efficient way of working.

-Receiving and Sorting-

In the receiving and sortation process, accuracy and efficiency determine all downstream workflows. It is critical that accurate data entry is achieved in order to prevent costly errors. Ruggedmobi's solution makes accurate sortation possible with comprehensive barcode scanning. Boost quality control and vendor compliance by decreasing out of stock conditions in your warehouse, receiving and sorting inbound materials, and fulfilling customer orders.

Sometimes, barcodes are damaged or and they are difficult to read. With advanced data capturing modules with rapid data processor of RuggedMobi M68 Rugged Mobile Handheld, the exact location of the package can be tracked, ensuring accuracy and productivity in your warehouse. 

Furthermore, strong and stable communication ability (Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi / 4G PTT) of M68 Industrial Handheld Terminal enable your workers can access the head department and receive messages and instruction on their day-to-day operation; persistent connection to the department network; short and long range employee communication with PTT feature.


Companies need effective scanning solutions so they can give more accurate and timely data in managing their assets. All goods must be tracked and transported safely, and quickly to reduce cost. Cargo loss from expiration or theft could be detrimental to your business, so it is important to uphold accurate and secure data collection.

By using extended RFID solution, you can reduce time spent on collecting data, and increase management efficiency for large quantity items. You can increase the quality, speed, and accuracy of information that accompanies every product. Enhance the visibility of goods in motion and transport mass order more efficiently. RFID scanner enables much more comprehensive tracking and can read tags hidden by other goods. Improve loading, tracking and delivery efficiency of cargo.

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