Healthcare Solution

RuggedMobi delivers tools for staff collaboration, administration, and patient identification, which enhance patient safety while improving the productivity of staff members. 

These tools also enable tracking of your assets and more efficient use of resources. RuggedMobi's rugged mobile computer solutions enable physicians and nurses to spend more time at the patient's bedside rather than in front of a computer.


Work in a healthcare facility is one of the fields where fast pace and high demand is the norm. Even with such operational demands, caregivers cannot afford to leave room for slack when they are facing critical circumstances.  Patients are always in need of understanding their recovery history, information of treatment and even following diagnosis from dedicated doctors.

Setting a M68 rugged handheld computer near patient's bedside, provides convenient instant feedback and enable self-monitoring in the bedsStaffs, patients and their relatives can see medical records and learn more about disease and treatment. Those include information about the patient's diagnosis, lab results and medications in their beds. Also it allows convenient communication between treatment team and patients. 

With instant data transmissions, you can ease your patient's concerns with direct patient to nurse communication, while enabling your caregivers enhance patient care and attend to other matters at hand.

-Sample management-

    Sample collection and management is an important part in health care. Low efficiency and out-dated laboratory management can cause recollecting or wrong matching of sample. This problem can be solve by using M68 industrial terminal to keep all procedures transparent, including sample recognition and organization.

RuggedMobi helps you manage various laboratory specimens by giving you suitable solutions to trace full life cycle of a discrete specimen to offer high quality testing environment for your laboratory researchers.

In ensuring safety for your laboratories, RuggedMobi has designed solutions to help you track your specimens from creation or receipt to final disposal. Incorporate RuggedMobi M68 Industrial handheld terminal to view and record the origin, packaging time, handling conditions and use history for a better holistic outlook. Furthermore, RuggedMobi M68 Industrial handheld devices are well adopted in handling all manner of data collection and you can customize the solutions to gain full control over managing specimens in your laboratory.


With all sorts of drugs that are now commonly used, it is easy to combine the wrong medication, or give misplaced labels resulting in harmful complications. In pharmacy, mishandling could mean critical results, your caregivers need to be equipped with the best management tools to negate unnecessary errors.

From receiving medication orders from doctors and the front desk, the application can direct the order right into your hand. The digital order form gives comprehensive details to arrange correct medications and it will also give information on where you can find drugs with the inventory status that updates real-time. Make use of advanced scanning modules to instantly enter data and manage status of the order with access to the central facility database.    

The use of M68 mobile industrial terminal in pharmacy enhance the connection between departments, reduces needless paperwork, improves the accuracy of inventory management system and dispensations, and correctly identifies patients and protects their privacy in addition to pairing the correct dosage and type of medicine.

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