Restaurant & Hospitality Solution

With tableside ordering and payment, there is less waiting and fewer mistakes. 

Instead of running back and forth between the kitchen and dining room, waiters can provide more attentive service and settle checks faster, 

with significant impact on customer satisfaction, sales, and table turns.

-Table Side Service-

RuggedMobi M68 industrial handheld terminal device empower restaurant staff to freely interact with customers without being tied to a cash register. Mobile check-in, seating assignments, and special requests can be promptly taken care of without leaving the customer's side. Waiters can see detailed information about the ingredients in every dish and available add-ons and specials. 

Resulting in less wait time, fewer mistakes, and more sales. Instead of handwritten notes, servers can enter orders directly using a tablet or other handheld device, and the orders are wirelessly transmitted to the kitchen without delay. No orders are lost, and the risk for mistakes is significantly reduced. Waiters can provide more attentive service and settle checks faster wherever the diners are seated — at the bar, in the dining room, or on the terrace — with significant impact on customer satisfaction, table turns, and revenue.  

-Food Delivery-

    The expansion of the food delivery industry is imperative and M68 rugged mobile computer can be used for ordering, payment and delivery on the take-out application. 

The delivery staff can quickly reach to the destination with the help of M68's accurate GPS positioning. M68's powerful processor, rugged body and large battery capacity allow the delivery process operates smoothly.

 Customers do not need to go to the restaurant to order and waiting for their food. Their satisfaction is increased so that the restaurant sales will reach a new height.

-Kitchen Management-

    Empower your staff to offer superior service, ready to respond promptly to the needs of guests. RuggedMobi solution increases the efficiency of distribution, order process and inventory management for the kitchen. 

RuggedMobi M68 rugged mobile computer easily adapt to a high-heat and moist kitchen environment. The display can be used even with wet hands. Chefs can communicate to other staffs seamlessly through 4G PTT/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi , as well as handling orders efficiently. Furthermore, chefs are able to check inventory of material to avoid shortage of supply.

Instead of delivering orders by paper or verbal communication, use a wireless ordering solution that transmits orders from the table to the kitchen. The result is an elevated customer experience and increased productivity for restaurants.


Employees can check their emails, process orders, communicate and access to the system at any place any time. No extra devices needed to be carried on them. At the Hotel front desk, M68 rugged mobile computer enables staffs to cut out the complex registration process. Guests can check-in smoothly without waiting for a long time. Furthermore they can place orders or ask for help wherever they are during their stay.


    Wrong recording of inventory or mislabeling of luggage will lead to unsatisfied customers and unnecessary costs. M68 rugged handheld computer provides a solution which staffs can maintain hotel property and meet customer's needs by access to the database for information and tools whenever and wherever they need.


M68 android handheld pda

Ruggedmobi M68 is a true all-in-one: a computer, a scanner, a camera and a 4G/LTE phone. B...


M68 Rugged Handheld Terminal

Ruggedmobi M68 is a true all-in-one: a computer, a scanner, a camera and a 4G/LTE phone.&nbs...


M68 rugged handheld computer

Ruggedmobi M68 is a true all-in-one: a computer, a scanner, a camera and a 4G/LTE phone. B...

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