Hospitality Solution

In order to help the hospitality system and employees operate more efficiently, M68 rugged handheld computer provides a solution to improve catering, communication, mobile service and stock management thereby provides customers a convenient personalized service and enhance customer loyalty. 


    M68 handheld mobile computer provides a solution in monitoring food safety and ordering management. Obsolete time-consuming hand-taking process. The traceability helps administrators to pinpoint what and where the food problem occurs thus lower the negative impact. 

-Mobile ability

    Wherever in restaurant, by the pool, during delivery or checkout, M68 android handheld industrial pda provides convenient service to customers. Servers can get rid of outdated and time-consuming ordering/checkout method. Employees are able to serve more customers at the same time, lower human errors and concentrate on satisfying customers’ needs. In addition, a mobile menu with photos and descriptions helps to boost the sales since it is more attractive compare to traditional ones.


    Employees can check their emails, process orders, communicate and access to the system at any place any time. No extra devices needed to be carried on them. At the front desk, M68 rugged mobile computer enables staffs to cut out the complex registration process. Guests can check-in smoothly without waiting for a long time. Furthermore they can place orders or ask for help wherever they are during their stay.


    Wrong recording of inventory or mislabeling of luggage will lead to unsatisfied customers and unnecessary costs. M68 rugged handheld computer provides a solution which staffs can maintain hotel property and meet customer's needs by access to the database for information and tools whenever and wherever they need.


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