Retail Solution

Retail Solution

Help your customers locate products and promote daily deals by stationing RuggedMobi's M68 Rugged Mobile Computer in your store. 
Let your customers view promotions, search specific items and make self-checkouts at their leisure to make a new standard in convenient shopping.



Purchasing Method


Without customer self-service, shoppers require the assistance of a live store associate to access information and perform routine tasks. Customers don't want to wait all day for an available associate.

Customers can read details by scanning the label on the product; get help immediately if they are looking for; reduce their shopping time and ease the process. 

Increase exposure level of store information and services to capitalize on every sales opportunity.






Shoppers are spending a great deal of time waiting in the checkout line. A customer may need a final check on the price and product availability. To cater these various inquiries on the spot, staffs have to delay the next customer's orders and occupy another employee.Which can create unnecessary wait time for your valued customer, and a dissatisfied customer may never return to your store.

Equip your check stands with RuggedMobi M68 Rugged Handheld Computer and experience seamless payment to boost customer's shopping experience. Spending less time on the counter will result in a pleasant shopping experience, encouraging them to return again.




With RuggedMobi M68 Rugged Industrial Handheld, your store can have real-time inventory monitoring to oversee availability of a product and keep your store ready and avoid resource wastage.

As a retailer, it is very important to keep your items stocked so your customers can have an optimal shopping experience.  By using M68 Mobile Computer, staffs can access to the database real-time for editing and searching. 

Enterprises can track, manage and forecast product demands to give appropriate supply and adjust marketing strategy in order tomaximize the revenue. 


Exchange and Return


The exchange and return process in retail is the part that most likely to go wrong, it can cause a chaotic inventory and unhappy customer if you can not handle the information smoothly and well-organized.

Handling customers' return effectively by provide them a seamless returning process. Customers can either choose return products online or in-store.

With RuggeMobi M68 Rugged Mobile Computer's strong ability of processing large amount of data, scanning and secured transaction. You can update and record inventory timely. This is the key to reduce unnecessary error and profit loss.