RuggedMOBI is a company manufacture handheld devices that are pivotal in different industries. We provide our clients, techniques, installation personnel and others a simple tool to use, install and maintain. We have our own research and development team and successfully helped various companies all over the world, including several leading firms in Europe, North America and Asia etc.

A group of professionals that have been in the business for years gathered together by a same goal "Beyond the Best". We believe that with the passion, experiences and the technique we had. We can provide our clients a solution to optimize company operations continuously, shorten the production period, response to customers better. In addition solves global challenges by improving workers’ efficiency, safety and productivity as well as lower the resources consumption and environmental pollution.

RuggedMOBI products are tested at the most extreme conditions to assure they are high quality and perform better compare to other rugged mobile computers in its class. We aim to provide the best service. We Learn our clients' background, analysis their situations and listen to their needs . Therefore we can continually develop new products, improving the existing devices and provide better service for our clients to create a more efficient work-friendly environment and lower their costs.



Ruggedmobi is consist of a group of professionals with outstanding ability, rich knowledge and great reputation in the industry.


Ruggedmobi has 12 years experience in manufacture rugged devices.

High Standard

The quality is the most basic competitive ability. We will keep to improve our-self and break the limit.

Comprehensive Service

We provide thorough pre-sales and after-sales service. Gives our clients a worry-free solution.