12 Nov 2019

Industrial Handheld Pda helps logistics warehousing center improve efficiency

With the rapid development of new retail, consumers are increasingly demanding service quality and delivery time, and e-commerce and new retailers face enormous logistics and warehousing challenges. As an important role of transportation and distribution center, logistics warehousing, how to establish a specific central technology and terminal logi

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04 Nov 2019

How to choose a medical Android Handheld Industrial PDA?

Last week, we introduced what is a medical handheld terminal and its advantages. After all, how should we tell if the Android Handheld PDA is good or bad? How to choose the medical Handheld Mobile Computer that suits you? There are many kinds of Industrial Handheld Computer on the market. NFC, battery capacity, resolution, IP

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28 Oct 2019

What Is A Medical Handheld Mobile Computer?

Medical handheld mobile computer is a device specially designed for medical performance management, mobile medical, data acquisition and storage. Through the PDA handheld terminal, doctors can collect patient and material information, store relevant information, and transmit information to the database center in real time via wireless network.

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21 Oct 2019

Mobile care information system for android based handheld barcode scanner

Android based handheld barcode scanner belongs to medical scenarios that can be applied to mobile nurse stations, mobile infusion, intelligent gauze management, and drug supervision, which helps hospitals achieve resource integration and process optimization, thereby reducing operating costs and improving service quality and management. Summary of

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12 Oct 2019

Android Based Handheld Barcode Scanner Application In Warehouse Management

Many inventory problems often occur in business management, such as:Whether the inventory of the goods has been sent or not managed is unclear, resulting in the loss of customers;The amount of inventory is confusing, and orders received are often modified, resulting in inaccurate inventory quantities;After the customer places an order, the employee

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