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09 Mar 2020

RFID Inspection and Inspection Solution

Summary of the application of handheld terminals in the inspection industry With the development and progress of society, the requirements for management in various industries are becoming more standardized, scientific and data-based. I. The role of handheld terminals in inspections in various industries 1. Power inspection Power equipment in

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20 Feb 2020

Rugged Handheld Terminal Technology Around You

When it comes to smart application rugged handheld terminals, many people will certainly disagree and have never heard of it. Indeed, as an intelligent hardware device, compared to the mobile phones, computers, and tablets that we usually use at intervals, we can say that we don’t know one, but when it comes to the intelligent technology it p

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21 Oct 2019

Mobile care information system for android based handheld barcode scanner

Android based handheld barcode scanner belongs to medical scenarios that can be applied to mobile nurse stations, mobile infusion, intelligent gauze management, and drug supervision, which helps hospitals achieve resource integration and process optimization, thereby reducing operating costs and improving service quality and management. Summary of

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12 Oct 2019

Android Based Handheld Barcode Scanner Application In Warehouse Management

Many inventory problems often occur in business management, such as:Whether the inventory of the goods has been sent or not managed is unclear, resulting in the loss of customers;The amount of inventory is confusing, and orders received are often modified, resulting in inaccurate inventory quantities;After the customer places an order, the employee

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28 Sep 2019

Why Do You Need a Industrial Mobile Computer for The Production and Consumption Process?

Why use a PDA smart terminal? In the data collection process, traditional enterprises rely on artificial paper records, which are time-consuming and laborious, and easy to make mistakes. This series of problems causes enterprises to have low production efficiency, high cost and low operating profit. The industrial handheld pda smart terminal rep

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