What are the functions and applications of the Handheld PDA barcode scanner?

  • 24 May 2019

With the popularity of barcodes and QR codes, Handheld PDA barcode scanner is increasingly used in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and other industries. Handheld PDA barcode scanners are characterized by ruggedness, durability and portability, making them ideal for many environments. The place.

What are the functions of the Handheld PDA barcode scanner?

1. wireless data transmission

The traditional scanning gun transmission line has a limitation on the length, and also has certain requirements on the position of the device, and the transmission line is not easy to organize and inconvenient to carry. Through the wireless network constructed by Bluetooth, the connection between the Handheld PDA Scanner and the computer can be more convenient, and the user can exchange data and exchange information conveniently and timely whenever and wherever.

2. a variety of functions in one

Handheld PDA barcode scanner can customize one-dimensional barcode scanning, two-dimensional code scanning, RFID radio frequency identification, NFC reading, DPM code reading, fingerprint recognition, GPS navigation and other functions according to user needs.

3. own battery, can be used mobile

In general,handheld PDA barcode scanners are divided into industrial and consumer grades. Industrial PDA Scanner is better than consumer grades in terms of performance, stability, and battery durability. 


What are the applications of the handheld PDA barcode scanner?

1. Logistics warehousing

The handheld PDA barcode scanner can be used in the data collection of the dispatcher's waybill, the transfer field and the warehouse data collection. By scanning the express barcode, the waybill information can be directly transmitted to the background server through wireless transmission, and the related business information can be queried. 

2. Retail stores

The Handheld PDA barcode scanner can be used in chain stores, stores, and counters to collect and transmit data such as import, sale, deposit, disk, transfer, retract, order, and member management.

3. Shoes and clothing ordering meeting

The Handheld PDA barcode scanner can be used for wireless ordering in the footwear industry, and is ordered by scanning the barcode through the handheld terminal.

4. Mobile police

In the process of investigation and violation, the police use the Handheld PDA barcode scanner to inquire about vehicle information and upload various illegal information anytime and anywhere. It can also fix evidence on the spot and investigate illegal parking.

5. Meter reading
The Handheld PDA barcode scanner uses GPS positioning to ensure that the patrol is in place, and the meter reading personnel check the model for recording, which can be completed easily and efficiently. At the same time, the electric industry department can better calculate the power consumption.