What are the benefits of warehouse management using Handheld PDA picking?

  • 10 May 2019

1. Turn on voice reminder

The handheld PDA picking comes with a voice picking reminder function. Even if the picking staff is illiterate, it is only necessary to pick up the goods with this voice prompt. The use of handheld PDA to select goods not only improves the accuracy of scanning barcodes for verification and review, but also improves the efficiency of picking, and the application scenarios are also extensive.


2. Information management

Industrial PDA, as the most effective tool for warehouse information management, plays an important role in warehouse management. When an employee picks up a product, if every time an inventory area encounters an information error, it will inevitably reduce work efficiency. When using handheld pda to pick up the goods, as long as the information about the inventory in the shelves, shifts, inventory, replenishment, etc. is all PDAized, the use of PDA to information management inventory can ensure the inventory management system data and physical quantity retention. Consistent and high accuracy.


3. Develop a picking route

After the PDA picks up, it can implement sub-regional picking and clear and smooth picking routes. Avoid unfamiliar goods location, repeat picking and returning, causing congestion in the warehouse channel. You can master some tips for storing goods. First of all, in the same location, we must use strategies to ensure that the same SKU is put together as much as possible to prevent mixing, so as to avoid the time cost of employees in picking. If the warehouse is not enough, you have to mix it, you can set the strategy to put the SKUs that look different in appearance, so that the picking staff can distinguish.


4. Automatic statistics of picking performance

In the process of manual picking and review, manual errors cannot be completely circumvented, but an excellent picking method has the function of statistical and traceability of quality problems. When any single order is wrong, it can be traced back to picking personnel, reviewing personnel or The team, and the statistics are reported, the manager establishes the reward and punishment system according to the data report provided by the inventory management system. Thus, the employee's picking performance problem is also accurately solved, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves the time cost.