The use of Industrial Handheld Pda in the logistics industry

  • 02 Aug 2019
The development of logistics express
The rise of the e-commerce era indicates that the logistics industry will become one of the main forces driving the development of the world economy. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the express service industry entered a golden age of development, and emerged from the overall economic downturn after the international financial crisis, and became a "dark horse" in China's economic development.
Statistics show that in recent years, China's express delivery industry has developed rapidly. In 2017, the national express delivery volume was 40.06 billion pieces, which was 33.4 times that of 2007. In 2017, the express business revenue was nearly 500 billion yuan, 14.5 times that of 2007. In 2010-2017, the proportion of express delivery revenue to GDP also showed an upward trend. In 2017, the proportion of express delivery revenue to GDP reached 0.58%.
With the development of the e-commerce era, the total business volume of the express delivery industry will maintain a steady growth trend.

Logistics Express - the use of Industrial Handheld Pda
The timely delivery of logistics information becomes a decisive factor in determining the timeliness of logistics.
Couriers often need to apply to Android Handheld Industrial Pda, a smart Industrial Handheld Pda that can help couriers quickly and accurately collect customer information and realize real-time data transmission. The system of the Android Handheld Computer is designed with encryption to ensure data security and reduce the risk of information leakage.

The advantages of the Dragon King mobile terminal:

1. Quickly scan the shipment information
In the past, the courier used the courier to manually enter the courier information. Due to the large daily traffic volume, the courier was more and the information was messy. Manual entry is prone to problems such as mis-recording and missing notes.
Ruggedmobi's Android Handheld Computer can quickly identify and scan express information, enabling fast sorting, distribution and distribution of express mail.

2. Real-time data transmission
The traditional data transmission uses a paper version of the logistics single record shipment information, the logistics order from the courier when receiving the shipment until delivery to the headquarters, the time required is 1 working day. In the process, if there is an error in a certain link, the data will not be correctly passed in.
The Ruggedmobi's Handheld Mobile Computer turns the traditional paper logistics list into an online electronic logistics order. The courier can input the logistics information at the terminal to communicate the information to each system at the fastest speed, and realize the information in the shortest time. Delivered quickly.

3. The headquarters of the courier company can locate the transportation information through the GPS module
Transportation information is the most concerned issue for customers. From the time of sending to receiving, logistics information is the only way for customers to understand the situation of express mail. How to let customers know the logistics information in a timely manner has always been a problem that plagues express delivery.
Through the Ruggedmobi Handheld Mobile Computer, the dispatcher can directly transfer the waybill information to the back-end server through the 3G module by scanning the express barcode, and at the same time realize the function of querying related business information.

4. Improve the information of each checkpoint
There are many links in the express industry. How to monitor the progress of each link in real time is the main factor determining whether a courier company can develop for a long time. In the past, the courier company hired a large number of personnel, and each step of the staff was assigned to monitor, which not only cost manpower, but also cost the company's operating funds, and did not really achieve real-time monitoring.
By using the Ruggedmobi Handheld Mobile Computer system, the enterprise can directly query the data collected by the courier through the Industrial Handheld Pda to deal with emergencies.

5. Automatically generate express mail pickup / dispatch data
In the past, express delivery was done with paper files, and the sender filled out the information and used paper.
The courier enters the express mail information, and the Ruggedmobi Industrial Handheld Pda automatically generates the express mail data, which provides a basis for the company to assess the work of the frontline staff.Not only that, the PSAM function supports secure mobile payments, NFC supports punching, and 3D anti-counterfeiting signatures support employee and customer sign-off.

For you in the logistics industry, if you want to be the leader in the industry, then you should improve the logistics and delivery time, so that it stands out among many competitors.Ruggedmobi Industrial Handheld Pda can save information delivery time and improve express delivery timeliness. If you need it, please contact us at Ruggedmobi.