The Change of Life Caused by Handheld PDA Warehousing Equipment

  • 04 Jun 2019


Bonded warehouse management system is a modern warehouse management system developed by applying barcode and intelligent warehouse management information technology. It is suitable for third-party warehousing, cross-border customs warehousing and traditional industry management. It can effectively manage warehouse process and space, and integrate with external system through database technology, bar code technology, application program interface and corresponding communication mechanism. To realize customs bonded warehouse interface, Multi-cargo owner, multi-warehouse, visualization of warehouse location, pallet/box management, fast access to warehouse and multi-way inventory, and quickly help enterprises to store, discharge, transfer, inventory, order, picking and other functions of inventory items, effectively control and track the whole process of warehouse business logistics and cost management, improve the level of inventory management and production efficiency. In order to meet the ever-changing demand of supply chain and achieve perfect warehousing information management, we should reduce the cost of inventory and human resources and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

The RFID technology of Handheld PDA warehousing equipment is not far away from us, and has been widely used in life, such as the bus cards we use, are all the applications of RFID technology in life.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. It can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple tags at the same time, which is fast and convenient to operate.

Is it possible to apply RFID technology of bonded logistics Rugged Handheld PDA warehousing equipment in other places besides bus cards?

1. Using automatic vehicle identification technology, the phenomenon of vehicle queuing and customs clearance is avoided in toll collection places such as roads, bridges, parking lots and so on, and the waste of time is reduced, thus greatly improving the efficiency of transportation and the capacity of transportation facilities.

2. On the automated production line of the factory, all links of the whole product production process are placed under strict monitoring and management. 

3. In the retail industry, the application of bar code technology makes tens of thousands of commodity types, prices, origin, batches, shelves, inventory and so on.

4. In the operation and management of buses, the automatic identification system accurately records the arrival and departure time of vehicles at all stations along the line, and provides real-time and reliable information for vehicle scheduling and operation management.

5. In the harsh environment of rainstorm, gale, heavy snow and rain, the application of remote radio frequency identification technology improves the inconvenience of truck drivers who have to get off for formalities.