Law Enforcement Solution

  • 09 Aug 2019
With the changes of the times, informationization has become more and more popular. In order to strengthen the law enforcement ability and improve the speed of law enforcement response, law enforcement agencies have moved to avoid the large scope of law enforcement, difficulty in obtaining evidence, poor timeliness, and untimely communication with the command center. The communication means of the law enforcement handheld terminal put forward higher requirements. The M86 Industrial handheld terminal can quickly and accurately describe the law enforcement site, improve the reaction capability and combat capability of the mobile law enforcement, use the 4G public network to break the geographical restrictions, and fully understand the situation of the law enforcement site.
The RuggedMobi Co.,Ltd. proposed the M86 mobile law enforcement solution. The solution is based on the Rugged handheld computer technology and fully relies on the wide coverage, high bandwidth and mobility of the existing 4G network, breaking the original law enforcement area. The limitation of video compression processing technology, multimedia technology, network switching technology, embedded computer technology, etc., provides a reliable technical guarantee for the new generation of mobile law enforcement; the law enforcement scene relies on the real-time video backhaul of the handheld terminal, Real-time query and upload of case-related information, storage of audio and video evidence, and multi-departmental collaborative work have greatly increased the flexibility, timeliness and efficiency of law enforcement.
Enforcement on-site evidence collection
Law enforcement officers can take photos, video, recording, positioning and other functions through the M86 handheld terminal, conduct on-site forensic collection and timely report, as a strong basis for fair judgment. The mobile handheld terminal is not restricted by the law enforcement geographical environment, and can be penetrated into any corner. The law enforcement monitoring has no dead ends.
Law Enforcement Terminal Video Transfer
The dispatching and command center dispatching station uses the public network to complete the distribution and forwarding of pictures to the law enforcement terminal through the M86 handheld terminal in any environment, so as to achieve rapid information sharing. The ordinary mobile phone loading client software can also realize the dedicated terminal function, so that the law enforcement personnel who travel in different places can communicate with the command center at any time in real time to realize multi-department collaborative work.
Law enforcement site real-time query
Law enforcement officers can use the law enforcement M86 handheld terminal to conduct real-time inquiries on the on-site merchants, personnel, laws and regulations, etc., without having to learn by phone and other time-consuming and laborious methods, just “one-click inquiry” to “completely master” All relevant information is truly effective.
Cluster Intercom
On-site law enforcement officers use M86 handheld terminal equipment to make one-touch calls through 3G/4G networks, and achieve the goal of one-stop response to meet the timeliness of mobile law enforcement.
GPS positioning
M86 handheld terminal law enforcement line records, accurate location of accident points, temporary emergency response group based on location, and GIS query for other terminal locations.
Data Service
The law enforcement process is recorded and uploaded in real time through the M86 handheld terminal; the dispatching station sends the duty task list to the law enforcement terminal, and the terminal task list is received and submitted; the dispatching station sends the large text information to the law enforcement terminal; the dispatching station sends a text message to the law enforcement terminal to avoid the unsuitable Voice environment.