Industrial Handheld Computer Automatic Identification Technology In Banking System Management Application

  • 23 Aug 2019
For years, the security of the bank's distribution process has been tested. At present, the banking industry generally uses the security company's vehicles for goods distribution, and its GPS positioning data and banks do not share, resulting in the bank can not monitor the vehicle operation and distribution in real time, while the distribution information has a certain lag, when it is difficult to locate These problems have always plagued the banking industry.
First, customer needs:
1. Identify the identity and authority of the delivery personnel to prevent illegal distribution;
2. Identify the items being delivered to prevent errors in the delivery of the items;
3. Record the information related to the distribution process, such as the names of the parties, the items delivered, the time, etc.
4, the distribution record can be transferred to the computer management system database for long-term preservation, easy to keep and query;
5. Real-time information on vehicle operation during the delivery process.
The system consists of a software system and a hardware system. The software system mainly refers to application software, and adopts a handheld data acquisition device. The software system includes an embedded software component, which is mainly used for information collection, processing, and transmission. The hardware system consists of electronic tags, antennas, readers, and PCs for information acquisition, identification, and application software. Through this solution, the traditional distribution mode is improved, the problems caused by human factors and information leakage are effectively reduced, and the entire distribution process is electronic, informationized, intelligent, safer and more efficient.

Among them, electronic tags are the most widely used, and they have the following functions:
1. Attached to the identified object to identify the object;
2. Antenna: used to transmit and receive radio signals;
3. Mobile data terminal: used to collect tag information and wireless transmission record information;
4. PC: Run the application software to receive the information transmitted back by the mobile data terminal.
Second, the application effect
1. Realize the digitization, visualization and trace of the bank goods distribution process and achieve refined management.
2. The task flow is used to supervise the initiation, processing and verification of the task, and the electronic control of the system is realized.
3. The use of RFID (radio frequency) technology can realize the whole process supervision of the distribution vehicle, obtain the information of each step in the distribution process in real time, and improve the security of the distribution process.
The automatic identification technology application of the handheld Best Industrial Handheld Pda has better use than the previous bank water bills, mainly because the processing of loan information is very direct, avoiding the settlement conversion within many banking systems, which is very efficient, and the data carrying mode of information allows The flow of notes is faster, and with the help of automatic input devices, the speed and accuracy of document input is greatly improved. In this way, we save time for our employees, reduce the waiting time for customers, and promote our work.
The automatic identification technology of the handheld Android Handheld Industrial Pda Scanner can help users achieve the following management solutions:
-- The system is designed to help users solve a large number of data entry problems;
--China Industrial Handheld Pda ergonomics for operational comfort
-- The handheld Handheld Mobile Computer Scanner green light spot provides good reading feedback and customer experience.
Customer feedback: We have to process more than 6 million invoices every day. No matter who touches this reality, it is a headache. Through the automatic identification technology of the handheld Best Industrial Pda, we will make the work process simple, no matter human. And material resources are huge savings. In summary, RuggedMOBI Industrial Handheld Computer's automatic identification technology can provide technical support and one-stop application solutions in the bank payment system.