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How to configure the handheld wireless pda function module?

  • 09 Sep 2019
The wireless PDA has a small size, light weight and high performance. It integrates the bar code scanning device and the handheld computer, and is a mobile intelligent terminal suitable for handheld devices. Real-time acquisition, automatic storage, instant display and automatic transmission, etc., to ensure the authenticity, effectiveness, real-time and availability of field data.

In general, PDA communication methods mainly include 3G, 4G, wifi and Bluetooth. When using it in the field, it must be equipped with 3G and 4G wireless network communication modules. If you use the internal field, you only need wifi and Bluetooth. These need to be based on specific projects. Come to fix.

The design of the PDA, generally handheld wireless pda is more than two, that is, with buttons and full touch screen. Industrial manufacturing, warehouses, and inspections typically use PDAs with buttons, while logistics, stores, and supermarkets use full-touch PDAs.

GPS positioning is generally GPS, Beidou, GLONASS three-mode positioning, can be applied worldwide, so that you can get faster and more accurate location information services in navigation applications, providing electronic maps and positioning services for motorists.

Fingerprint collection, handheld wireless pda equipped with fingerprint acquisition module, can collect biometric fingerprint information for comparison, mainly used in areas with high security requirements such as banking and social insurance. The battery of the PDA is preferably a high-voltage and large-capacity battery. The battery consumption should be as small as possible, greatly extending the life of the device, so that it can fully meet the application throughout the day.