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Application of PDA in Tunnel Personnel Safety Management System

  • 30 Aug 2019
The tunnel industry is an industry with frequent accidents, and accidents are often sudden and unpredictable. In the event of an accident, the consequences will be very serious. There are many risk factors in tunnel construction, and it is difficult to control personnel safety. The application is based on radio frequency and fingerprint identification. Wireless network and GPRS transmission are used as channels. Geographic information and Handheld Terminal Device are used as the terminal safety control technology for the terminal platform. Maintenance.
With the development of economic technology, RFID long-distance radio frequency identification technology has been widely used in the tunnel industry, building a safety protection barrier for tunnel construction. The following describes the application of RFID remote radio frequency identification technology in tunnel security:
1. Real-time communication of voice inside and outside the tunnel, convenient communication.
In the past, due to information shielding, the network coverage in the tunnel was not comprehensive, so that real-time communication could not be realized inside and outside the tunnel. Internal problems occurred to reach the outside of the tunnel and missed the best solution time. The RFID remote radio frequency identification technology in the Industrial Handheld Pda realizes real-time communication inside and outside the tunnel. Even if it is tens of meters underground, the external information can still receive the information anywhere in the tunnel.
2. Tunnel risk gas monitoring, record, super-threshold alarm, etc.
Tunnel gas leakage has always been a major concern in the industry. The cause of many tunnel accidents is that gas leaks have not been discovered in time, posing a great threat to the safety of personnel. RFID remote radio frequency identification technology in Android Handheld Computer can monitor gas in real time, record gas content, and automatically alarm when there is a threshold value, to minimize safety loss.
3, LED screen display or TV wall appears, showing image professionalism.
In the past, the scenes of surveillance camera shooting were all ambiguous. If you don't look at it carefully, it is difficult to find the problem through video recording. The image information is not clear and unclear. The Android Handheld's LED display can display the scenes of the internal location in real time, showing a clear and professional image, breaking the limitations of traditional black and white images.
4. Complete automatic management of vehicle entry and exit, including entry and exit registration, entry and exit statistics, etc.
The Android Handheld Pda can count the number of vehicles entering and leaving and registration, saving a lot of manpower and material resources to prevent the phenomenon of missing.
5, 24-hour video surveillance, can complete 1 month history record storage, check at any time.
6. Long-distance access management, real-time and local, only need to have local network, can check the safety information of each construction site of the tunnel at that time.
Long-distance access is one of the investigation methods for tunnel operations. Generally, it takes a lot of effort to visit the site. Therefore, long-distance access management is the most common and most commonly used. Whether the message can be transmitted in time determines the quality of the access. In the past, real-time mobile devices can only rely on telephone communication to achieve long-distance access. The leadership cannot see the scene in the tunnel. With the Handheld Computer , as long as there is a local network, even if there is no special answering staff, the leadership can directly observe the tunnel scene through the video in the tunnel and check the safety information of each site.
7. The personnel enter and exit the active registration/location management to replace the traditional criteria for entering the tunnel flop.
In the past, people entered and exited the tunnel and applied traditional tunnel flops to register. This will not only be cumbersome, but also some people will enter the tunnel and forget to flop. The registrants cannot know the number of people in the tunnel in time, and often find out after the accident. The existence of this person is a great security risk. The Handheld Mobile Computer can implement location management for incoming and outgoing personnel, monitor the location of personnel in real time, and avoid missing entries. When an accident occurs, the personnel can be positioned in time, which greatly shortens the rescue time.
Extension of Handheld Pda system application:
1. The tunnel voice communication system can complete the timely and internal voice communication inside and outside the tunnel, which is convenient and quick;
2. Tunnel personnel entering and leaving the cardless alarm system can complete the monitoring of the tunnel personnel entering and leaving the cardless personnel;
3. The gas tunnel can only monitor the system, and it can complete the gas monitoring of the gas tunnel. It is safe and useful in time.
In summary, the Ruggedmobi Handheld Terminal Device's automatic identification technology provides technical support and one-stop application solutions in the tunnel personnel security management system.