Application of PDA in Medicine (2)

  • 13 Aug 2019
Last week, we introduced the use of handheld computers in medicine. We have learned that in the medical field,Industrial Handheld Pda have played a huge role, greatly shortening the transmission of medical information, reducing medical errors and improving treatment efficiency. Today, we will next introduce other applications and advantages of Android Handheld Computer in the medical field.

First, the advantages of Android Handheld Computer in the medical field

1. Improve nurses' work efficiency

Before the Android Handheld Pda, the nurse needs to print various execution orders in order to execute the doctor's orders, and the medicines are executed according to the printed execution order. The doctor's execution process can only be recorded manually, and cannot be integrated with the electronic medical record system. The nurse is at the patient's bedside. Collecting patient information needs to be recorded on paper and returned to the office to fill out the various care forms. In this way, both the workload of the nurses and the accuracy of the nursing records are reduced. In particular, after using the electronic medical record in our hospital, the paper version of the execution order can still be used to effectively link the information. The execution time and the name of the executor are signed on the paper version of the execution order, but there is no record on the computer, the computer displays It will still be "unexecuted", which is obviously not rigorous. Because the mobile nurse workstation is shared with the HIS resources, once the information is entered, the multi-terminal reading, simplifying the nursing record program, reducing the repetitive work of the nurses, reducing the labor intensity, optimizing the workflow, enabling the nurses to have more time to care for the patients, increasing Effective service timeliness increases patient satisfaction. The mobile nurse station optimizes the nursing workflow, improves work efficiency and quality of work, and effectively prevents and reduces medical care errors. At the same time, it promoted the innovation of nursing management ideas and management models, and improved the level of nursing management.

2. Provided evidence for medical evidence inversion

In the past, the infusion order and other execution orders were short in storage time and difficult to query. Based on the safety mechanism of the HIS system, the Handheld Computer recorded the execution time and the executor accurately, in real time and completely, and permanently saved the medical records, providing legal for the medical inversion. in accordance with.

3. Statistical function

According to the data recorded in the database, the head nurse can understand the neglected work situation and gradually improve the process of each system. Through the HIS system, various reports are automatically generated. According to the different nursing work, the weighting calculation is carried out separately, and the workload of the scientific statistics nurses is provided to provide a data basis for the fair and accurate performance evaluation of the nurses.

4. Strengthen the quality control of care

The Handheld Mobile Computer makes the quality control of care go deep into every link of the medical nursing process, realizing the real-time link control, and making the terminal management become the link control. Instant information access reduces error rates. The head nurse can easily grasp the nursing work dynamics of the general department at any time, increase the monitoring and management of the work process, timely discover the problems in all aspects of the medical care process, and take corresponding measures in time to turn the post-event management into an ex ante Management increases the depth of care management.

5. Standardize nursing behavior and enhance the legal concept of nursing staff

Since the actual executors of each doctor's order form a one-to-one correspondence, recording the execution time of the doctor's order, the route of medication, and the time of observing the condition and the observation data are recorded immediately, not only regulating the behavior of the nurse, but also providing the nursing work. Reliable data, avoiding unreasonable responsibility during the execution of the doctor's order, and the disorderly working state with arbitrary execution time.
Second, the use of Industrial Handheld Terminal
When the Industrial Handheld Terminal is used, each person needs to log in with a password, and the user can be switched at any time. The setting of each user's password distinguishes the responsibility, and the source and execution of the information of the network are well documented, which improves the sense of responsibility of the nurse and ensures the accuracy and security of the information.
Third, the development and prospect of Industrial Handheld Terminal
With the deepening of the reform of the medical system, the social requirements for hospitals will be further improved. The advancement of the industrialization process and the formation of an aging population may lead to the establishment of routine or sudden medical service places for enterprises, communities, apartments and residents. Extension.
In the rescue site, mid-care, clinic, ward, operating room and other specific places, you can use the Handheld Mobile Computer to complete the necessary pre-clinical information entry, and then enter the hospital LAN via the wired connectivity function or wireless access technology provided by the Handheld Mobile Computer. Data exchange and reprocessing with the doctor or nurse workstation can further improve the patient's diagnosis and treatment information and greatly improve the quality of medical history collection.
At the same time, various expert systems, related knowledge bases and databases embedded in the Handheld Mobile Computer will also emerge, which can greatly facilitate the work and study of the nursing staff. Handheld Mobile Computer is a high-tech product under the development of modern science and technology. It will play an increasingly important role in the process of digital hospital construction, becoming more and more practical, and getting closer to people's work and life.
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In an era of rapid technological advancement, medical development must also accelerate, perhaps you are still stuck in manual call services, perhaps you are still stuck in manual record information, perhaps you are still suffering from a heavy medical information registration form. The Ruggedmobi Handheld Mobile Computer can help you quickly complete the current stagnant work, speed up information transmission, shorten treatment time, reduce hospital workload, and advance patient treatment.