Application of PDA in bank cash box management

  • 16 Aug 2019
Banks originated in the Tang Dynasty in China, and in the period of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty (847-858 AD), Suzhou had the appearance of “Golden Bank”. In the second year of Jiayou in the Northern Song Dynasty (1057), when Cai Yi knew Fuzhou, he made the "Sixteen Things to teach the people", and the sixth article was "the bank rolled up and sold a lot of money to sell", which is the word "bank". The earliest time. With the development of the economy, banks are playing an increasingly important role in life. Deposit and withdrawal, remittance exchange, and bond interest are not busy operations, and all aspects of information are involved. In order to keep up with the development of the times, the bank has also opened up the road of technology. The use of intelligent counter machines has saved the bank a lot of human resources, improved the work efficiency, and saved a lot of waiting time for customers.

Despite this, banks still have a lot of problems in the management of cash box circulation. How to solve this problem has become the primary problem that plagues major banks.
First, the following are the problems existing in the current banknote bank circulation management:
1. Identity authentication problem: The circulation of cash boxes between the vault, the escort and the outlets uses the magnetic stripe and the oral code to carry out the identity authentication of the personnel. The situation of counterfeiting, counterfeiting and so on is simple, and there are potential safety hazards.
2, The management of the cash box: the cash box does not have an electronic ID card, which requires manual classification management, low efficiency, and increase labor costs.
3, Circulation record problem: the cash flow business process has no real-time electronic records, can not actively generate reports, management is inconvenient.
4, The banknote transfer problem: the manual registration method is used for the handover procedure, the operation is cumbersome and the efficiency is low.
Second, the bank cash box management solution:
Ruggedmobi's Android Handheld Industrial Pda integrated RFID identification and tracking technology, complete the information tracking of cash box transfer and cash logistics, the manager can check the cash flow information in real time, complete the convenient, accurate, safe and practical management of the cash box. Eliminate potential safety hazards and improve the scientific management level of bank vaults.
Third, Android Handheld Industrial Pda features:
1. Personnel identity management
Intelligent identification of personnel through Android Handheld Computer is safer and more reliable than traditional methods, preventing human error.
2. Electronic management of cash boxes
Use the QR code or electronic tag to equip the cash box with electronic identity information, and scan the QR code/electronic tag through the Handheld Computer to quickly confirm the identity information of the cash box, which is convenient, accurate and efficient.
3, real-time monitoring of cash box circulation
Through the Industrial Handheld Computer, real-time information tracking of cash box transfer and cash logistics can be tracked, and the manager can complete real-time monitoring of the entire cash box circulation link.
4. Intelligent management of handover process
The Industrial Handheld Computer handheld can be used to quickly identify the identity of the personnel. The identification of the identification information of the cash box has been batched, the operation process has been optimized, and the handover speed is faster, safer and more precise.
Fourth, the use of results:
1. Efficient use of cash box management Fully utilize the scientific and technological methods to complete the full information management of banknote inventory, handover and escort of bank vaults, optimize the bank cash logistics business operation process, and operate more efficiently.
2. The informationization of the cash flow of the cash box has changed the traditional manual operation method of the circulation of bank cash boxes, fully completed the electronic processing of banking business, and improved the information management level of the bank.
3, The cashier transfer is safer through the Rugged Handheld Computer to intelligently identify the handedapped personnel and cash boxes, and at the same time verify the information of lines, outlets, tellers, cash box types, etc., accurate and fast, to prevent human error.
4, Real-time operation information through the Rugged Handheld Computer can complete the real-time tracking of the cash box and actively generate report records, the administrator can check the circulation information of each cash box in real time through the background, provide the basis for business scheduling and planning, and improve management efficiency.
In summary, the application of handheld computers to the banking sector is feasible. The entry of Rugged Handheld Computer into the banking sector is an inevitable trend, and whether they are welcome or not, they are looking for ways to enter the bank. Therefore, bankers must keep up with the development of modern information technology and actively carry out research on mobile banking in light of actual conditions to ensure that these technologies are introduced and used in practice.