Application of M86 Rugged Handheld Terminal in Law Enforcement

  • 23 Jun 2019

In order to facilitate and efficiently handle administrative law enforcement cases and supervision and inspection, law enforcement agencies timely and accurately reflect the law enforcement situation, realize the seamless connection between paper files and electronic files, improve the efficiency of administrative law enforcement, enhance the fairness of law enforcement, and use hand-held in law enforcement work. Terminals are increasing.

The M68 is a rugged handheld terminal that processes records throughout the process. It has the intelligence to verify personally identifiable information and other related access rules; it also features fast connection, security and privacy. It can carry out ID check and verification, support online and offline verification, and be mobile, fast and fast.

M68, the Rugged Handheld Computer details:

1. 8 million pixel front camera, 13 million pixel rear camera.

2. Support real-time high-definition photos and videos, help to record the high-definition photos of the scene, and return to the command center in 4G in real time.

3. Face recognition, criminal screening

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