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Application of law enforcement recorder

  • 16 Jun 2019

As a law enforcement recorder for informationization and mobility, law enforcement recorders not only help to improve the standardization of law enforcement, save energy and improve efficiency, but also help maintain social stability and security. With the comprehensive advancement of the country's basic strategy of governing the country according to law, the law enforcement recorder industry has developed rapidly.

Law enforcement recorders in the public security field are growing steadily

Law enforcement recorders are used as new types of police electronic equipment products. Local public security organs respond to the requirements of public security departments and generally provide law enforcement recorders for frontline law enforcement police.

The frequency of equipment updates and the increase in law enforcement personnel have greatly stimulated the demand for police voice recorder in the national public security system.

The popularity of all ways of life continues to increase

In addition to the public safety field, the popularity of law enforcement recorders in law enforcement groups such as city management, procuratorates, and courts has also increased year by year. Traffic, fire, urban management, drug supervision, customs, railways, procuratorates, courts and many other law enforcement groups are studying the practice of public security. Law enforcement standardization and informationization have become the focus of construction in various law enforcement fields, and the popularity and equipment of non-public security law enforcement. The rate will continue to increase.

Outside the field of law enforcement, including insurance, services, power, logistics, forestry, construction, and manufacturing, it is also becoming more popular.

Intelligent driving deep application

With the development of new technologies such as image recognition and voice processing and the improvement of public security law enforcement requirements, intelligence has become a trend in the development of law enforcement recorders.

The rich and diverse information collected by the intelligent law enforcement equipment shows the user the full-scale, three-dimensional first live message, making it possible to restore the scene afterwards. At the same time, the rich and multi-dimensional information also provides a solid data foundation for in-depth data analysis and research.

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