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Application of Law Enforcement Recorder In Shoe Clothing Ordering Meeting

  • 16 Sep 2019
What is the shoe clothing ordering meeting? The shoe-wearing ordering meeting is a kind of market operation mode in which the shoe-wearing company invites the dealers and franchisees to order together, and then delivers the goods in batches according to the customer orders. The shoes and clothing order fairs are generally held in hotels and business premises, mostly for two times a year. The spring, summer and autumn and winter trade fairs are displayed on the spot by models and guided by the guides, thus urging customers to place orders. Then, at such a large order meeting, how does the Ruggedmobi Law Enforcement Recorder play its advantages?

Application advantages of android handheld barcode scanner
1. Save time and improve efficiency
The shoes and clothing ordering meeting will focus on merchants from all over the country. The manufacturers will hold order meetings at hotels or business venues, and invite franchisees, dealers and online store operators to attend the conference. During the period, due to the large size of the venue and the large passenger flow, sufficient personnel were required to control the audience. Sometimes customers go shopping for a big lap before they look at the style they want. When they want to place an order, they don’t have a shopping guide or a recorder. They can only go back to find a shopping guide, which will waste more customers. The time is on the way to find, the time to actually place an order is only 10 minutes. The android handheld barcode scanner can realize the function of scanning code and placing an order. Before the customer enters the market, each person distributes a android industrial handheld. When the customer visits the field, he can see the style of the intention. You can directly enter the digital code or instant noodle barcode on the clothing to enter the registration page. Fill in the relevant information and save it. Yes, the system will automatically upload to the headquarters and register accordingly. It saves the efficiency of registration information and saves customers time to order clothing.
2. Saving labor costs, high accuracy of product information output
As a large-scale marketing tool, the shoes and clothing ordering meeting has assembled a large number of manufacturers. The price tag of clothes and the labeling of information have become the most troublesome things for businesses. How to accurately display the product details to the customer? In the past order meeting, wherever you go, you will see a standing billboard with the details and price of the product. On the eve of the exhibition, the manufacturer had to work overnight to make the product information into billboards or labels, and arrange enough shopping guides to place them in the corresponding positions, so that the customers can browse the day, time and effort, and the accuracy is not high. The Ruggedmobi mobile terminal has its own system. The manufacturer enters the product information into the system a few days before the show and generates the corresponding product number. The customer can find the corresponding product by taking the barcode mobile computer when entering the market and entering the coding information on the shelf before entering the product. Not only that, through the barcode mobile computer, the customer can directly see the inventory and price of the goods, the customer only needs to submit the corresponding order, the system will automatically transfer the data to the headquarters background, sorting and sorting. After the exhibition, the manufacturer only needs to export the background data to find the corresponding customers and prepare the goods, which saves a lot of labor costs.

Time is money. In this era of materialistic desire, people follow the pace of technological development and constantly seek new ways in the development of the times, thus maximizing the compression of time costs. The emergence of the Dragon King smart terminal has brought corresponding benefits to various industries, improving work efficiency and saving labor costs.