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Application of Android Industrial Handheld In Shoe Clothing Ordering Meeting (2)

  • 20 Sep 2019
Last week, we introduced the application of the android industrial handheld in the shoe-clothing ordering conference. First, the android mobile computer barcode scanner can realize the function of scanning the code and placing the order in the shoe-clothing ordering meeting, which helps the merchant to place an order at any time during the browsing process; Second, the barcode mobile computer can display the detailed information of the product to the customer. Through the computer barcode scanner, the customer can directly see the inventory and price of the product, and the customer only needs to submit the corresponding order, and the system will automatically transfer the data to the headquarters background, sorting and sorting. During the shoe-wearing order meeting, the computer barcode scanner not only facilitates the organizer to manage the entire venue, but also is an artifact for ordering merchants to arrange orders.

First, the drawbacks of the traditional ordering conference:
Computer prints paper orders with basic data
Ordering merchants hand a paper order
Check the number of the tag and the item number on the order with the naked eye, and fill in the corresponding size.
Beat the calculator to calculate the amount of the individual amount, the series amount, the category amount, the total amount and the completion of the task amount.
Manually analyze the order and find out the number that needs to be modified according to the analysis result.
I can't know the live ranking of the amount I ordered.
Unable to know the hot and slow sales on the spot
After the order has been modified, it must be manually entered into the form or on the ordering system.

Second, the advantages of PDA in the order meeting:
Import basic data through computer barcode scanner background
Ordering merchant hand cheap handheld computer terminal
cheap handheld computer directly scans the tag number and enters the corresponding size
Aggregated and analyzed in real time according to various needs
You can always see the total amount and ranking of your order.
Timely view on-site hot sales and slow sales
After the order is revised, the electronic order of the ordering system is also completed simultaneously.

Third, the advantages of the Dragon King cheap handheld computer:
1. Stable and secure solution architecture
Put the terminal data of the customer Ruggedmobi electronic personal organizer handheld pda on the corresponding server to complete the docking of the network data, and then set the AP point on each floor, connect the corresponding management software and terminal PDA through the AP point to ensure the connection of each link. .
2. Timely and secure data mining
At the PDA terminal, the orderer can view the information of the order placed and the total quantity at any time. Secondly, through data analysis, the orderer can see the data situation and application at any time. Finally, through the Dragon King PDA, customers can print out the corresponding product label at any time.
3, PDA field service
(1) The staff does not need to work overtime as usual to catch up with the post-work analysis.
(2) Timely statistics of all information, including sales ranking, style ranking, regional ranking, agent ranking
(3) Keep track of the order data in the field
(4) Shorten the order meeting time and save the cost while improving the corporate image

Time is money. In this era of materialistic desire, people follow the pace of technological development and constantly seek new ways in the development of the times, thus maximizing the compression of time costs. The emergence of the Ruggedmobi smart terminal has brought corresponding benefits to various industries, improving work efficiency and saving labor costs.