Android Handheld Industrial PDA Application In Retail

  • 06 Sep 2019
The retail industry is one of the most frequently exposed industries in people's daily lives. Today, with the rapid development of technology, such as RFID technology, mobile Internet, etc., these are profoundly affecting the changes and progress of the retail industry, and the retail industry's competitive focus in the mature retail market and consumers are increasingly rational. Moved to efficiency, operational costs and consumer service experience. As a data acquisition terminal, the Android Based Handheld Barcode Scanner has become an important technological force under the new retail. As the professional R&D and manufacturer of handheld terminals in China, Ruggedmobi provides advanced Android Handheld Barcode Scanner handheld terminals for retail enterprises with advanced retail information technology to help the development of new retail.

The Android Industrial Handheld is used in retail stores to realize the informationization of order management, receipt confirmation, return, commodity inventory, product inquiry, cargo space management, etc., which not only reduces the management cost of the store, but also improves the work efficiency. Real-time control of price and inventory.
Application of Handheld Terminal in Store (Shopping/Store) Management
1. Order management: Enter the order function through the Android Mobile Computer Barcode Scanner, scan the product barcode that needs to be ordered, and then generate the order form and automatically upload it to the headquarters. The whole process is paperless, which reduces the errors caused by the manual and improves the work efficiency.
2. Mobile billing: With the improvement of people's living standards, major shopping malls have welcomed more customers. What followed was a long queue of checkouts, which made many VIP members unable to bear to turn around. The Android Pda Devices realizes the mobile billing function, which not only saves the process of manual billing, but also reduces the input pressure of the cashier, improves the checkout efficiency, and thus improves customer satisfaction and the company's own image.
3. Receipt confirmation: The supplier delivers to the warehouse. The receiver receives or scans the order number on the Barcode Mobile Computer, scans the product barcode, inputs the actual quantity, production date, prints the receipt label, and pastes it into the package. Confirm the receipt after all the scans have been completed.
4. The price tag update and addition: only one worker can complete the batch update and temporary supplement of the whole store price tag in this link, breaking the chaotic situation of the existing price tag and saving the labor cost of the batch renewal price tag. Reduce customer complaint rates and enhance corporate image.
5. Product inquiry: Scan the product barcode with the Best Handheld Computer, and download the data from the server in real time through the WIFI wireless network, and display the price, quantity, inventory and other data of the product on the Cheap Handheld Computer. This function can support the salesperson to query the product in real time. Information brings convenience to work.
6. Commodity inventory: The Computer Barcode Scanner can provide important data such as inventory progress, inventory of missing products, inventory of inventory errors, and list of commodity locations in a timely manner, and grasp the inventory situation in real time to provide a basis for leadership decision-making.
Electronic Personal Organizer Handheld Pda application value
1. Simplify store workflow, improve work efficiency, and save labor costs
The use of Hand Held Products in stores has saved the labor costs of stores. In the past, a large number of manual statistics were required for shelf products. At the checkout counter, several cashiers were busy checking the prices of customers' products. The Hand Held Products reduces the workload of these two links, reduces the manpower required for these two links, and saves labor costs for the store.
2. Solve queuing problems and improve customer satisfaction
Queuing has always been a "killer" that consumes patience and is a decisive factor in reducing customer satisfaction. Whenever a customer comes in, long queues often affect the customer's mood, thus reducing the customer experience. The use of Handheld Android Device saves a lot of manpower input time, and customers no longer need to wait for a long wait, which increases customer satisfaction, and the store's passenger traffic will also increase.
3. Real-time control of sales and rapid response to market changes
By directly scanning the goods, the Handheld Pda Barcode Scanner regularly saves the number of products that have been shipped out. The staff only needs to sort and sort the goods information that has been collected regularly, which greatly saves the time for manpower registration.
4. Real-time control of price and inventory
In summary, Ruggedmobi android handheld industrial pda's automatic identification technology provides technical support and one-stop application solutions in the retail industry management system.