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Android Based Handheld Barcode Scanner Application In Warehouse Management

  • 12 Oct 2019
Many inventory problems often occur in business management, such as:Whether the inventory of the goods has been sent or not managed is unclear, resulting in the loss of customers;The amount of inventory is confusing, and orders received are often modified, resulting in inaccurate inventory quantities;After the customer places an order, the employee needs to repeatedly confirm the quantity of the goods, occupying a large amount of working time of the logistics personnel and the library management personnel, and increasing the labor cost of communication.
Picking is a very important step for companies with warehouses. The efficiency of the enterprise warehouse picking process directly determines the daily shipments of the enterprise, which not only affects the order process, but also relates to the company's sales performance. Nowadays, many companies are carrying out employee picking in the picking process. Even if they are very skilled, they also have drawbacks, such as high dependence on old employees, high error rate and low efficiency. The use of the PDA picking system can further improve the efficiency of the picking process. The warehouse picker uses the android based handheld barcode scanner to pick up paperless jobs and scan to complete the picking. Not only can it help the picking staff to solve the difficulties in the work, but also effectively improve the efficiency and reduce the mis-picking rate of the workers, and ensure the normal operation of the picking work.
Advantages of using PDA to pick up goods
1. Improve accuracy
With the android based handheld barcode scanner picking system, the picking order is opened directly in the PDA system, and voice reminders can be turned on. The number of scan code items can be increased. The picker does not need to pick up the paper documents as before to avoid marking. The situation of man-made mistakes and mistakes has greatly improved the accuracy of picking.
2. Improve the efficiency of picking.
With the PDA picking system for paperless operations, the picker scans the picking process, making the picking process easier and more efficient.
3. Information management
The PDA picking system can record the operation information of the picker at all times, and facilitate the query operation record, so that the management personnel can grasp the import, sale and storage status of the inventory materials in real time, and realize the transparent asset management and commodity supply chain management.
4. Save time and cost, avoid human error
The picking system can collect the workload of the picker in real time, automatically count the picking performance, reduce the workload of manual statistics, improve work efficiency, not only save time cost, but also avoid human error and information that is easy to occur in manual statistics. Problems such as untimely communication.
The warehouse management of the enterprise improves the efficiency, accuracy and real-time data of the inventory through the PDA picking system, provides a large amount of data information for enterprise inventory management, and greatly improves the management efficiency of each link, thereby saving the operating cost of the enterprise.