Rugged Handheld Terminal Product Upgrades Unlock New Scenarios

  • 02 Jul 2019

With its convenience and flexibility of use scenarios,  rugged handheld terminal  devices are widely used in multiple fields, and have gained an important foothold in logistics management, intelligent warehousing, retail, mobile medical care, power, financial terminals, environmental monitoring and other industries.

Rugged handheld computer devices have always played an important role, and as their performance continues to be optimized, new technologies are based on them as carriers, and functions are released indefinitely in the scene. After detailed and comprehensive market research and centralized analysis and integration of market demand in different fields, the M68 handheld terminal products independently developed by RuggedMobi Co.,Ltd. have been well received in the market.

In the M68 product solution of RuggedMobi Co.,Ltd., the following dimensions are used to create a product solution with high reliability:

●Anti-fall products are not easy to break, can withstand heights within 3 meters, and have high reliability

●Waterproof Even if the water reaches 30 meters deep, it can run normally and stably.

●Adaptability Can cope with all kinds of bad weather and environment, operating temperature: -20 °C ~ 78 °C Strong adaptability to the application environment

For different application scenarios, RuggedMobi Co.,Ltd. handheld terminal products can be used in the following areas:

Logistics field, case handling, large security, emergency command site, prison, manufacturing industry, disaster relief, forest fire prevention

With its convenience, mobility and reliability, the handheld terminal has become an indispensable tool in the field of terminal applications. The M86 provides powerful performance and quality assurance. For more product details, please pay attention to the RuggedMOBI official website: