Handheld Terminals Help Forest Protection Inspections And Realize The National “Scientific And Technological Development”

  • 23 Jun 2019

In response to the national guidelines for “scientific and technological development”, the forestry departments in various localities have innovated their work ideas and continuously explored new measures to use science and technology as forest protection services. Using GPS positioning, the human resources, material resources and technology of forest resource protection are optimally configured to realize dynamic management and effective management. The handheld terminal protection inspection system is integrated with hierarchical intercom and information collection and transmission.

Equipped with handheld terminal Device for forest rangers in key forest areas, it can effectively supervise the movement of forest rangers (including positioning, trajectory, etc.); at the same time, use the handheld terminal to return pictures of forest conditions, fires, etc., to guide and supervise the units. Forest fire prevention work. Promoting the work of forest rangers to a new level of science and technology management also effectively protects the country's forest resources.

The staff only needs to open the GPS forest protection inspection system, move the mouse, and the information of the ranger's patrol route, speed and geographic coordinates can be clearly seen. It is also possible to timely dispatch, supervise and manage the situation of the forest guards, and ensure that the forest guards patrol the posts. Once a fire, landslide or other accident is discovered, the front camera and video can be returned through the handheld terminal. The forestry department can get the exact location and situation of the accident site in the shortest time, and deal with it in the first time.

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